So, how does this work?

Cars To Florida Canadian Pricing

2017/18  One-Way Prices for Driven Auto Delivery between Florida
and Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal
**includes fuel ** (Please call for other routes)

Car $1030
Suv/Van $1080
Premium fuel required? $30 Surcharge

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If your vehicle delivery requirements differ from above, please use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page so that we may provide you with a quote specific to your vehicle shipping needs.

Why Use Driveaway Service?

Our service is about making your life easier. Let us handle the long drive, the paperwork and the details.

Get on your flight and when you land – receive your car and drive away. Many of our Clients prefer to have their vehicle and driver waiting at their destination airport while others prefer delivery to an address. Airport delivery may save you money for taxi, car services or the need to arrange friends or family pick up.

What About Insurance? — if you are new to Driveaway Services, you may not be aware that your vehicle insurance has the coverage required for another driver to operate your car with your permission. This the third-party liability part of your policy. We all have it. In the unlikely event of an insurance claim caused by your driver, we cover the deductible.

Note: There have been important changes to US Customs procedures. If someone is driving your automobile to Florida from Canada, they must be a registered carrier capable of creating and registering an electronic manifest for the border crossing into the USA.